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Why Forward Keeps Bashing Ivanka Trump?

Shamelessly Forward keeps unfairly FRUM bashing Ivanka Trump, regardless of what the First Daughter does.

Forward of all jewish media... if it was Hamodia, Jewish Press, Yeshiva World, Bina... ok, I could understand... it's their mission to defend halacha to its utmost observance.

But... Forward? Preaching on tziniut and Shabbat observance? How long will it take for them to defend shomer negiah values? What exactly is behind it?

November 4th an article questioning Ivanka's skirt choice published on Forward's website raised heated discussions on jewish social media.

The title of the article 'Was Ivanka Trump’s Skirt Too Short For Conservative Japan? by Dave Goldiner - November 4' is true to the difference between japanese and american fashion values.

Culturally speaking... yes, Ivanka was too modern for conservative Japan. And had the article discussed ONLY the cultural difference between working women of the two countries, I would be ok with that. After all... culture is culture and it's always relevant to learn more about the Other.

As a note of criticism, Mr Goldiner's article could have ended with a warning Ivanka and her crew to pay some more attention to how different countries approach dressing codes or just suggesting the Trumps to hire an anthropologist.

Ok... I would have bought that. After all... as a person who studies japanese culture for quite a few years (not through animes folks, but through books and personal interactions), have had the privilege of visiting amazing Japan for the short period of two weeks and being born in a city that holds the biggest japanese community outside Japan, which is Sao Paulo, Brazil... ok... I would have bought the fashion complaint about Ivanka's salmon skirt.

BUT... Mr Goldiner's article was not about the skirt or japanese culture.

It's about Forward's and his personal political view. Why do I say that, because soon after pointing her fashion misunderstanding, the article in a passive-agressive move, pierces her religious observance, and that's when I raised my brows... Forward? Goldiner? Orthodox Jewish woman? Modest look?

"It’s not the first time Ivanka Trump has faced scrutiny about her appearance. Some say as an Orthodox Jewish woman, she should strive for a more modest look." says the article, leaving a print of a Twitter post slandering her level of tziniut, while leaving a link that directs to how the frum-police keeps a close eye on Yael.

Coincidence? Paranoias of mine?

I typed the names 'Ivanka Forward' on Google and what did I get? SEVERAL and several articles criticizing in all sorts the First Daughter. The way the dresses, her Shabbat observance, her Sukkot shopping... Ivanka's conversion seems to anyone who does not know the liberal agenda as the worst thing that has ever happened to the history of Judaism.

"Oh... but I read something nice about her on Forward... " Yes, I know you read. But count exactly how many negative articles are written about the Kushner couple against the positive ones? The negative and religious shaming articles are waaaaay higher in numbers.

But... had Chelsea Clinton converted to Judaism, I am sure Forward would fiercly attack anyone who frum shamed her. wasn't Chelsea, it was Ivanka. It was not an influential Democratic woman who converted, it was a Conservative. It was not Clinton, it was Trump.

Had Michele Obama converted to Judaism, wow... criticizing her exposed arms would be seen as criticizing Torah! I can see Forward's headlines in my mind "The Third Beit Hamikdash Has Not Been Built Because Of You, Apikorsim Who Criticizes The Holy Michelle" After all, even "Sarah Netanyahu is no Michele" according to Forward's opinion.

Have said that, whatever Ivanka does is and will always be used against her, most of the time, due to the media political view and not to her religious choices.

I am not american and don't live in the USA, therefore I don't dare to engage in the american political scene. My point here is: regardless if you like or dislike Trump, the truth is that Ivanka is unfairly and constantly criticized for her MODERN ORTHODOX religious approach just because she is Trump's and not Clinton's daughter.

It's a shame the jewish media treat her conversion as a commodity.

If Mark Zuckerberg's converted modern orthodox, would Forward go after her religious observance too? I don't think so...after all, the fact that he gave his non jewish daughter (for regular orthodox and modern orthodox values, Judaism is passed down by the mother) a 100 year old kiddush cup was the reason for a 'aaawwwww how cute' moment from Forward... but if Ivanka was not jewish and had it been Jared Kushner the giver of the cup to their children...uh-oh...would the Forward had reminded all its readers about the orthodox halacha? No. As they didn't mention any single word about it regarding Zuckerberg's children jewish status.

Private citizens have rights to free speech and can criticize whoever they want. That's America's First Amendment.

But when a jewish media not known for defending halacha observance picks on a convert just because she does not vote for the Dems....that concerns me.

Honestly, women who wear sheitels should be glad Ivanka doesn't, because whatever style she picked would be considered 'the wrong style', and we, sheitel wearers, would be bullied or made uncomfortable by Forward. Is her sheitel too long? Prostitute! Too short? Pathetic mimicking hassidic women! How dare she? Middle length sheitel? Doesn't she have any opinion in life, shouldn't she chose long or short, why the lack of position on sheitel politics?

Again, I repeat: it's not paranoia of mine... it's how it works. Many other non-jewish media bashed or just slightly made fun of the polemic short salmon skirt... but all of them kept to the script: japanese culture. And the Forward, not known to be a religious online magazine, and Mr Goldiner who does not hold a haredi lifestyle, should have done the same. Leave Ivanka's MODERN ORTHODOX lifestyle alone. If you, Mr Goldiner (who worked for New York Daily News, a media that apparently exists to criticize the Trump's administration) and ALL Forward writers, have anything against her political life, fine, complain about it with all your might! You live in free country, you have right to free speech, you can do that and be protected by wonderful American First Amendment. But leave her religiosity alone as you want to be left alone in yours.

After all, if Forward defended Michelle's exposed arms (, why they have a problem now with Ivanka's skirt?

It's a shame many are buying into the liberal agenda frum shaming Yael.


Now, a quick look as according to Forward's opinion, Michelle is the real deal when talking about Judaism:

In Defense of Michelle's Arms

She's no Michelle (Sorry Sarah, but... even you didn't escape)

Michelle graciously speaks at a Jewish event

Not only she spoke, she spoke about important jewish values!

Jewish women praising Michelle's speech!

Michelle loves Jews!

And she went to Holocaust Memorial Memorial in Berlin while Obama was in a meeting somewhere else... I can't imagine the headline if the Trumps had done the same... but it was the Obamas, so it's ok

They rock on Pessach with Sarah's plate! Maybe even better than her!

Oh no! Why didn't you come to inspire young Israelis, we missed you Michelle!

You said... kosher food? Wow! How wonderful...a tear comes out of my eyes...

Ok... enough with the wonderful defender of Jewish values and an inspiration for all jewish women out there, Michelle Obama. Now, please let us know, Forward... is Ivanka Trump good for the jews? Nu?

Zeh lo tziniut!

Kabbalist now?

Nothing more than a commoditie, I think...

She is not so bad, she's just a yenta...

... a hated yenta, I must add

"Trump is going to build a Sukkah—but is Mexico going to pay for it?", asks the Forward

Poor girl... maybe she is not smart...

If she was just as friendly as Michelle was...

Illuminatis? No, the truth comes forward: it's Ivanka and her jewish husband who control the President!

Oh, these jews! Again controling the President!

Shabbes!!! Shaaaaaabbeeeeeeessss! Can someone lend me a rock, please?

Frum police alert: is it kosher? Shaaaaabbbbeeeeessssss!

I don't know, was she wrong at Judaism's holiest place?

FORWARD, stop going after Yael's Judaism or at least make a balance between the number of articles criticizing every breath she takes and the ones saying she is just a normal First Daughter.

Ivanka is no threat for Jews, she just does not fit your liberal agenda. That's all.

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